We provide therapeutic hot yoga classes suited for all ages and levels, so that you can live your life feeling better.

Bikram Yoga has reduced my use of disability tools and has stabilized my diabetes…it has contributed as a means to reduce my stress in life.

Gwen, practitioner since 2003

Bikram Yoga has helped me rehabilitate from double knee surgery!

Kevin, retired

Because of my yoga practice, I’ve avoided 3 surgeries that I was told were “necessary” to have any real quality of life.

Kristin, 32

Amazed at how I have worked through my knee and back pain.

Brian, since 2010

Gained some much needed strength to pick up (and play with!) the grandkids.

Celia, since 2010

1. The hardest part is getting here, trust us.  Make up your mind and schedule your first class today.

2. Allow us to help you create a successful, customized practice plan.

3. Enjoy how amazing you feel as a result of your dedication to your overall well-being!

Discover how Bikram Yoga has

helped people like you love the way they feel every day.

What’s my investment?

How are your aches, pains and discomforts making your day worse?  Do you find your life being disrupted by your angry mind/body?  Are you ready to be relieved from pain and love the way you feel?  Are feel-good moments passing you by because everything feels bad?  A LACK OF INVESTMENT IN TAKING CARE OF YOURSELF MAY ALREADY BE COSTING YOU A GREAT DEAL.

We’re so confident that you will love the way you feel — we’re giving you 10 days to make sure you agree.

(Traveling through town?  Only need a drop-in class?  No worries, we have options for you too!)


  • Unlimited access to our flexible class schedule. As much yoga as you can handle!


$2700per class
  • Drop in whenever we have the room — we would love to have you!