Cathy is our spirited, fiery spirit in both her yoga practice and her teaching! Expect to get some simple but life-changing corrections in her class that will to help you continuously grow your ongoing yoga practice. She’ll make you laugh, sweat and be inspired each and every time you take her class!
EmilyAnne is our healing presence at BYA, both inside and outside of the room! Her deep understanding of the anatomy of the body will be presented as you practice, and she is sure to have to helpful tips after class to make sure that you feel your best. She will push you with her loving style and encourage you with her smile, and you are sure to walk away from your time with her feeling renewed and refreshed.
Zia’s teaching style has been described by our students as “lighthearted and determined”, and you are sure to share in her joy when you practice with her! She will guide you through your yoga with unfailing encouragement and love. Listen carefully and you might just learn a bit more about incorporating meditation into your breath and your life!
Looking for a calm, consistent, and kind Bikram teacher? Look no further! Jolene is a firm believer that this practice will test your patience, perseverance and determination, but that it is an incredibly rewarding and fulfilling place to be. “I know that there will always be a place in my life for practicing and teaching Bikram Yoga!”
KristinStudio Director
Kristin has been madly in love with the healing power of this practice from her very first class! She is delighted to have the opportunity to share this amazing yoga with the community of Albuquerque. Suffer from back problems, neck injuries, or unexplained neurological symptoms? Look no further — you’ve got somebody to talk shop with here at BYA!
This San Francisco Bay native is sure to inspire you that it is never too late to begin a committed yoga practice! Liz is the ultimate testimony for this yoga and its restorative power as it strengthens bad backs, soothes trashed knees, encourages weight loss, and calms shattered spirits. Liz encourages each student to “just get here as you are. Come regularly and the rest will reveal itself!“.
Kendra is our calm yet fierce presence in the yoga room, and she is known to lovingly and safely guide practitioners beyond their perceived limitations. She empowers each and every student to find inspiration in their own strength and abilities. Kendra will inspire you and guide you to a whole new level of yoga practice!

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