What made you decide to try Bikram Yoga?


We took our first class on December 31, 2010.  Our daughter, Rachel, gave us a studio gift certificate at Christmas.  Rachel’s very good friend, Jane, was our instructor that day.  We were both struggling with some chronic health issues at the time.

How was your first class?

The heat was tough and our postures were terrible.  It was also obvious that our water intake before class was not enough.  There were a lot of people in the room, probably making New Year’s Eve resolutions to get in shape!  But, we felt better after hydrating and knew that Bikram Yoga was something that we wanted to practice and learn.

How often do you like to practice?

We like to take at least four classes a week.  We’re pretty good at making them every Friday, Saturday, and Sunday.  Doing a 90-minute workout is a whole lot better than just lounging around the house!

What are the benefits you have received from your Bikram Yoga Practice?

The benefits have been phenomenal!  Brian has been able to sort out some back and knee problems.  Celia has gained inner thigh and leg strength, and some much needed back and core muscles for picking up the grandkids!  We’ve also been able to maintain our weigh and our flexibility is vastly improved.

What is your favorite posture, and why?

We are both big fans of floor bow and human bridge.  These postures stretch a lot of different muscles and they reveal how much improvement has taken place.

What would you tell someone who is brand new to the practice?

Keep coming back!  The classes get better and better, the heat and humidity become welcomed friends, and the benefits start to surface very early.  We also encourage every new student to look into their practice as a journey that is important to their long-term health.  While we still can’t do some of the postures very well (Brian’s goal is to touch his toes!), improvement happens in each class and we’re confident that anyone who keeps practicing will be rewarded.

Anything else you would like to let us know?

We have really enjoyed getting to know the instructors and we want to thank all of them for their kindness and encouragement.  We have made some good friends from being a part of this Bikram yoga family.  We try and promote the studio whenever possible because of the great things we have experienced.  We look forward to the next five years!

Brian and Celia, we love your dedication and commitment to a better life through yoga!  Thank you for your continued inspiration that touches the lives of the many members of your Bikram family!