What is my investment?

How are your aches and pains making your day worse?  Do you find your life being disrupted by a fuzzy mind/body?  Are you ready to be relieved from pain and love the way that you feel?  Are the feel-good moments passing you by because things just feel bad?  A lack of investment in yourself may already be costing you a great deal.

We’re so confident that you’ll love the way you feel — we’re giving you 10 days to make sure you agree.

(Traveling through town?  Only need a drop-in class? Don’t worry, we have options for you too!)


  • Unlimited access to our 15 weekly classes. Maintain your dedicated yoga practice with ease and convenience.


  • Maintain your 1x/week practice and save big. Take up to 5 classes/month anytime on your schedule!
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