Yoga Practice, not Yoga Perfect!

Jennifer Winslow is about the most beautiful soul you could ask to see at your little yoga studio.  She brings amazing energy into our space each and every time she practices, and we are honored [...]

A means to reduce the stressors in my life…

Gwen Walker has been one of our studio ambassadors for over 12 years!  You will always get great inspiration from her determined practice and her welcoming energy, and we are beyond thrilled to share a [...]

“Yoga continues to keep me sane”

Ginger Cating has been such a special presence in our studio for over 12 years (since her “gym rat” days of working out for 2 hours, 3x/week were wreaking havoc on her poor old joints), [...]

Quality Control. Quality Life!

You’ve most likely practiced with this incredibly loyal and dedicated practitioner, but due to his quiet nature you might not know a lot about him. Meet Greg Baca, our Student of the Month at BYA! [...]

Introducing a beautiful Bikram Yoga Couple!

What made you decide to try Bikram Yoga? We took our first class on December 31, 2010.  Our daughter, Rachel, gave us a studio gift certificate at Christmas.  Rachel’s very good friend, Jane, was our [...]

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