You’ve most likely practiced with this incredibly loyal and dedicated practitioner, but due to his quiet nature you might not know a lot about him. Meet Greg Baca, our Student of the Month at BYA!

How often do you practice?

5 to 6 days a week. I’ve participated in the 30-day and the 90-day challenges as well!

What does Bikram Yoga do to help you outside of your practice?

Bikram Yoga continues to help my body in physical, mental, and flexible ways. The biggest difference is my increased energy and clear mind (Greg works in Quality Control). My practice contributes to my life by allowing me to feel great after a yoga practice and, of course, all of the health benefits associated with this yoga.

What postures do you love (or struggle with)?

Camel pose is my favorite – it feels great throughout the whole body, especially my lower back. Rabbit pose is my least favorite, mainly because I’m claustrophobic.

Tell us about your experience in the yoga room.

I’ve been able to feed off the energy of other practitioners which has resulted in a very memorable experience. The most difficult part of the class is accepting that each pose varies from day to day.

Anything else?

First of all I would like to thank Bikram Choudhury and the wonderful staff at Bikram Yoga Albuquerque. The dedicated staff is always there for questions/help that you may encounter during your practice. I wish I had discovered Bikram Yoga sooner in life but the good thing is I found it. It is one practice I will continue with because of all the benefits (and also as a preventative medicine).
Thanks again to Bikram Yoga,
Greg Baca

Thank you, Greg, for your incredible dedication to your practice and to our studio!  We have been blessed to have you as a part of our yoga family for the past 6 years!